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Sitvel is a software development company that believes in the power of practice and consistency in achieving excellence with a strong focus on customer success.

The history of Sitvel

A years ago Oleksii T delved into the topic of self-motivation, breaking it down into smaller components. He focused on what drives and energizes him, how to locate sources of motivation, and ways to connect to a continuous stream of energy while avoiding burnout. He happened to come across the French saying "Si tu veux être un bon écrivain, écris," which means "If you want to be a good writer, write." It came in time and struck him so much that almost immediately became his motto and the acronym has been created: Sitve (French "if you want to be"). But did he wanted to be good? No, he wanted to be the best. And the best in what? - In the work he does. The letter "L" (French "le" is similar to the English "the") was added to the base Sitve and the name Sitvel was formed. 

It was a gradual process of self-discovery and trial-and-error. He didn't just retain the name "Sitvel", but also embraced it as a way of life. His philosophy was straightforward - pursue your passions, grow and evolve, live fully, and give your best in everything you do. By adhering to this mindset, he believed that everything else would fall into place.

During a conversation with Oleksii M, he recognized a kindred spirit. They shared a similar passion, wavelength, objectives, and even name(!), forming an instant connection. Their differences complemented each other's skills and perspectives. 


The philosophy of "Sitvel" aligns with the goals, strategy, and vision pursued by Oleksii M. His worldview and guiding principles have allowed him to be introduced to various aspects of life and connect with the right people at the right time. Identifying the right person with whom he wanted to continue and creating something more than just a company, bring him to Oleksii T, by the will of fate, luck, time, and the right circumstances. Their similarities in mindset, diverse experiences, and overlapping perspectives on personal growth, business management, and goal-setting brought them together and formed a foundation for their relationship. The synergy in the vision of development and future formations - was not long in coming.

"So, shall we start a company? -Come on, I didn't think you'd ask." Using the temperament of the sport turned into thinking about how to create not just a company but a unique structure, and its own ecosystem in a world of constantly evolving technology.  

Their goals and expectations are exactly what the two of them are pursuing, to put their knowledge, experience, and thoughts into forming a company with a unique approach. As a result of their synergy and shared vision, "Sitvel" was officially registered as a company's name, brought its core philosophy to the public and was poised for success.

Two co-founders

Oleksii M had a successful athletic career in swimming, starting at a young age. Early morning and late-night workouts helped him develop a composed and pragmatic character. His dedication to self-improvement enabled him to continue his athletic career in the United States, where he received an education that broadened his worldview. With a realistic mindset, Oleksii M was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship in the future. He always feels. like wanted to run his company, but was unsure of how to apply his knowledge and skills. 

He has a diverse skill set and a strong desire to apply his knowledge across various fields. Throughout his career, he has worked in statistics, coaching, sales, logistics, export and import activities, accounting, marketing, interpreting, international events management, product management in IT products, sales of the IT sector, and head of process integration and optimization. While pursuing his Master's degree in Economics and Management, he remained committed to constant self-improvement, knowing that every step on his path to entrepreneurship would require him to refine his skills further. Every experience, whether successful or not, provided him with valuable lessons that he could apply to his future business ventures. The process of personal and professional growth became a driving force behind his entrepreneurial endeavors, spurring him to pursue his goals with passion and determination.

In his work and his approach to life, he always followed the philosophical mindset that we should always do our best to achieve the best possible result. Analyzing his own actions, he derived the rule to work on himself continuously, to improve his current skills and get closer to his goal of contributing to the development and improvement of life for the whole world, starting with something small and working on projects that could have a global impact on the planet. 

On another side of the Earth...

Oleksii T tried various activities before finally settling on IT as his passion. Approach of giving his all to the task at hand and living in the moment always yielded results in his activities: sports, music, theater, dancing ets. He displayed a rebellious spirit and frequently sought to chart their own course, the complexity of the challenges only inspired him more. He began participating in programming competitions while still in school. A technical university with a focus on electronics and programming further developed his interest in the field. He found that he could create anything on his own and, with the right team, could achieve seemingly impossible things that could make a difference in the world. 

Working in the USA and UAE, managing teams, and communicating with clients prompted him to consider gaining additional knowledge in management. Pursuing a Master's degree in France with statistics and decision-making specialization, working in small startups, and with companies such as Danone, InBev, Lufthansa, Dufry, EMAAR, led him to contemplate starting his own company. A company that would be made up of all the best parts of himself. A company that would not limit, but inspire him and others. In parallel with his IT work and lead/architect positions, Oleksii T continued to improve his knowledge of statistics and Big Data, earned a PhD in this field, and worked as a part-time  lecturer at the National University, considering his next steps.
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